About chats

Find someone to talk to easily with help from us. Read more about different chat modes below.

Remember to behave and follow general internet etiquette.


This is the first and simple chat where we’ll search you the first Random we can find. The easiest and fastest way to find someone to talk to at any time. And remember, “asl?” isn’t a good way to start a conversation.


In elevator chat people come and go. It’s a group chat that works just like text chat but the difference is that you can talk with 2-7 randoms in the same conversation so there is a lot more to talk about.


In this chatting option you can use your voice and web camera in addition to text which makes chatting a lot more fun. You can see who you are chatting with but you both stay anonymous.


Bored asking “asl”? Now you can easily choose who you want to chat to even by a city and so your conversation can start off a lot faster.